What is it for?


SEPTCAM SARL has developed a detoxification cure that has proven itself and continues to do so, in the treatment of several diseases and fitness. This remedy, although causing a very significant weight loss is in no way a weight loss remedy, but rather a remedy that allows:

1. To the body to eliminate all its aliens accumulated for years and,

2.To the cells of the body to renew themselves.


Towards the end of this treatment, several parameters of the blood and glands regulate. Thus, the liver, kidneys, thyroid, pituitary gland, pancreas, prostate, etc. return to normal functioning. Goodbye:

1.Kidney failure


3.Liver failure

4.Prostate diseases (psa for example falls into the normal area within a few weeks) Etc..


When a patient on hemodialysis undergoes such treatment while taking the appropriate natural medications developed by SEPTCAM SARL, he ceases to be hemodialysis after only three weeks. For example, at least one of the patients treated in this way in 1993 still lives without more kidney problems.


Who can go through detox treatment?


Any person, sick or not.


How often is treatment for detoxification?


We advise everyone to be detoxified once every two years to eliminate toxins and other accumulated waste.


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Signs and symptoms of prostatitis.




Conduct To be followed during treatment:


Avoid all forms of sugar and alcohol during treatment


The liver is a 24-hour active waste treatment system that filters everything you drink, eat or enter your body.


Avoid saturated fats (butter, prepared meals, etc.), replace them with olive oil or walnut oil instead. Idems for sugar: forget sodas, concentrated in fast sugars without nutritional interest. That is extra work to your liver.



In general, avoid foods with a high glycemic index: white flour bread (sliced bread, hamburger , baguette or croissant). Avoid white pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna..); sweet cereals, milk chocolate, biscuits (small butters); cooked dishes (canned or frozen). Same for sugar, brown sugar, glucose, dextrose, corn syrup, raw sugar. Soft drinks, cakes, commercial muffins, cereal bars, canned fruit in a sweet syrup are all included.




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