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  We have been viral since 1993. To all those who seek evidence of healing through

  our natural remedies , we say that medical secrecy does not allow us to communicate

  anyone’s address. You who still hesitate to take our natural drugs for hepatitis,

  here is the line to follow, followed by all our patients: As soon as you are declared

  positive regardless of the type of hepatitis: before contacting us, do the tests below:


  Viral load

  Liver Check-up , Ag HBe , Abdominal UltraSound.


  The liver is the largest abdominal organ and is part of the digestive tract secreting bile

  and performing more than 300 vital functions. That is why we give priority to 100%

  natural ingredients, solutions based on medecinal plants, no chemical mixtures, no

  combined partial chemical solutions only natural without side effects, just herbs and

  bark of trees.



We focus exclusively on natural products from many tropical medical plants; and ensure that all products from the Just

Herbs standard collection are made with truly pure natural ingredients that have proven therapeutic value for your

well-being and health.

In addition to this guarantee,we are also committed to working diligently to ensure that none of our products we transport

contain ingredients that are harmful to you or the environment.









Questions - Answers



Q : I've been diagnosed with hepatitis B, C, what's going to happen?


Since you are declared positive for B or C antigen, additional tests must be carried out to assess the state of your liver as to whether you are an active or inactive carrier.


Q : What tests am I gonna take?


Blood tests, looking for possible co-infection with HIV, HBV or HCV.. ; an abdominal ultrasound, a Fibroscan on indication, sometimes a biopsy.


Q : What mandatory tests do I have to do regularly?


Every 6 months, as prescribed by the doctor, but in principle:

- HBs antigen

- HBe antigen

- Amount of DNA, RNA.. virus by PCR (viral load)

- Determination of transaminases (Asat, Alat)

- Blood count (NFS): red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets..


Once a year:


- A urea, creatinine.. to monitor kidney function.

- An abdominal ultrasound.


Q : I have positive HBe antibodies, what does that mean?


The HBe antigen is negative and the HBe antibody is positive. This makes the carrying of the virus inactive. Whatever the number is, that's what counts. For the active carrier, the HBe antigen is positive and the HBe antibody is negative.


Q : What is an inactive carrier?


we are talking about inactive carriers. Either we are cured or we have the disease. When you have the disease, there are two possibilities: you are an active or inactive carrier. Active carrier: the virus keeps multiplying and naturel drugs are needed. Inactive carrier: the number of viruses increases or decreases but remains low. natural drugs + monitoring are needed every 6 months until compete healing.


Q : I have a viral load and I'm inactive, what does that mean?


Healing from hepatitis B requires two steps. You have taken one step toward healing, not the other. There is still virus but the multiplication is blocked by this first step towards healing. The amount of the virus remains below 2000 IU/ml (international units per ml) and there is no liver damage. But surveillance must be continued in combination with a natural-oriented treatment and a good dietary habit. The natural plant treatment method avoids the reactivation of the virus and converges to a total cure.


Q : How important are transaminases?


An indicator of the liver's functional status. Transaminases vary and are also influenced by different factors other than hepatitis. They can go up in case of fatigue, after anaesthesia.... The number is rarely identical from one blood test to the next. It is when the viral load is very high that transaminases increase significantly.


Q : What treatment should I take? For how long?


We have three-month herbal treatments, six months depends on your active or inactive status. Please call +27836839773. In herbal medicine, there is no restriction in case of treatment, whether you are active or inactive this requires appropriate treatment and no side effects.


Q : Can we completely cure hepatitis b or c?


Contrary to what is said in official medicine, hepatitis b or c is cured by plants. We have specific natural treatments without side effects.
Please call +27836839773 for more info .



Sexuality of the couple


Q : What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?


They can be explained by certain diseases, hypertension, diabetes, an infectious disease or a hormonal disease such as pituitary adenoma, hyperthyroidism or andropause… or through depression, taking certain medications. Of course, psychological factors are sometimes involved: great fatigue, major concerns, conflict in the couple … Please call +27836839773.


Q : What are the causes of sterility in women?


: -Unbalanced diet that can lead to ovulation disorders, Alcohol that can lead to irregular or non-ovulatory cycles - Some drug treatments - Abnormal hormonal secretion - An abnormality in the uterine tubes after a sexually transmitted infection (chlamydia) or an extra-uterine pregnancy -An abnormality in the uterus - An endometriosis that has worsened over the years, leading to ovulation disorders, adhesions at the level of the fallopian tubes or disorders of the nidation. Please call +27836839773.


Q : What are the causes of male infertility?


- Varicocele: this dilatation of a vein at the level of the spermatic cord (cord surrounding each testicle) can appear at any time and alter the fertility of the man - Genital infection can alter the quality of the sperm and obstruct the seminal channels - Testicular trauma - Retrograde ejaculation (semen is discharged to the bladder) can be observed in case of diabetes, after prostate or spine surgery, after taking certain medications - Erectile dysfunction.




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